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JCpenny of phase out all checkout clerks by 2014 (such ignorance)

“Shoppers will be able to use self check-out machines, similar to those found in grocery stores.

JCPenney is also planning to replace traditional bar codes on price tags with high-tech radio frequency identification, or “RFID” chips to make purchases faster.

Johnson told “Fortune” magazine he hopes to phase out check-out counters by 2014.”

The availability of self checkouts makes perfect sense, eliminating all check-out counters does not.  It is highly unlikely this system will optimize speed of sales and customer service.  It really sounds like JCPenny has an issue with managing their employees.


Women spend 2.5x more time cooking then men

I am an oddball when I examine aggregate data. This data definitely does not hold true for my parents relationship, and my own. Yet, I doubt I’m much of an outlier.

┬áThere’s so much to talk about here, but one figure jumped out. How much time does the average American spend each day on “food preparation and cleanup?” A little over half an hour (0.56 hours).

Women spent more time doing it than men (0.79 hours vs. 0.31 hours).