compression socks

I recently sprained my ankle with massive swelling.  I made the error not to compress it with an ace wrap.  Fortunately in my research I found compression socks.

While these socks were effective in reducing the swelling I was not sure if there were any other benefits.  I soon found the true benefits that go beyond my sprained ankle while doing some serious hikes at Glacier National Park.

Most nights I would wear the both compression socks.  My feet were quite exhausted each night and refreshed each morning.  If you are any sort of athlete, you know that soreness is almost always worse in the morning. (I had not attributed this to my socks)

On the last few days of my trip, I slept with just one compression sock over my swollen ankle.  As arrived home, I realized that only the balls of my left foot were sore, while my right foot felt great.  It is pretty easy to conclude that the compression made quite a bit of difference.

The part counter-intuitive to me is that compression socks actually increase circulation.  Somehow, the increased circulation helps feet recover faster.  This seems opposite to the whole icing concept.

I’m probably now more convinced by compression and elevation than ice.  There is a lot of new research out there that make ice inconclusive.

Either way, please give compression socks at try if you ever have tired feet.  If you know why they work so well, please let me know.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with increased circulation.

The $10 pintoli’s are awesome.  I have a hard time believing expensive socks will be any better, unless they are more durable.

Here is a picture of one of the hikes just for kicks.