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Runing to eat..

Many people run to eat. You can usually tell just by the way they run or workout. Unfortunately, this strategy is inherently flawed. Our appetites can be endless, especially if we add sugar, salts, and fats. As a result, there is nothing to limit us from excessive eating after a workout.

There is a much simpler strategy. Eat to run. It is subconsciously practiced by many athletes. If you’ve never hit that “energy wall” you are definitely eating too much. Energy walls should not be mistaken for no-energy from the get-go. Ie. You normally run five miles in half an hour. On a mistakenly low-calorie day, you run fine and hit a wall at the third or fourth mile.

The goal here is to consume food as close to level of output as possible. It is much more difficult to change levels of output, than it is consumption. Hence, practice “eat to run” not “run to eat”.